As part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica will present AURA, a unique immersive experience in the heart of the Basilica, designed by the renowned Moment Factory team. The project is one of the most beautiful projection mapping experiences ever made, and Brazilian artist Eduardo Teles talked to Dope about his participation on the project and all the challenges the team had to overcome to deliver this amazing piece

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Under is a short film from Thi Lima, the artist put together an impressive set of archviz material in a very creative way, evoking a lot of feeling in the audience. The photography, even being all 3D is really amazing.


Impressive work from Mathieu Labaye director and animator along with Sébastien Godard. It is a tribute to Benoît Labaye, and a way to see the immobility and handicap as a new way to envision motion.

He-Man & Skeletor | Money Supermarket

This is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! So good in so many levels. Older Commercial Making Of: And have a look at the website of the campaign it is a lot of fun

Heinz | Geoff

This film tells the beautiful story of Geoff and his quest for the perfect Heinz Beans. Directed by Damon Duncan for Assembly. Agency was Y & R NZ. Client Kraft Heinz Australia Executive Producer Amanda Chambers Technical Director Rhys Dippie Character Design Josh Fourt-Wells 3D Artists Geoff Kirk-Smith. Craig Speakman. Alex McLeod. Katie Naeher. Damon Duncan. Rhys Dippie. Marcos Felgueira Godoy. Anastasia Fileva. Patrick Blades. Andrii Kryvuila. Guzz Soares. Alex

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ADAA It’s Not Dead

This distressing amizing little film was directed and produced by Brazilian director Ariel Costa. Founded in 1979, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit organization and a leader in education, training, and research for anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, and related disorders. Direction, Design and Animation: Ariel Costa (BlinkMyBrain), Numecaniq. Concept and Script: Ariel Costa (BlinkMyBrain). Voice Actor: Jim Laird Sound: Combustion


Flow/er is a personal collaboration between Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir. In nature, it is often the simplest rules that lead to forming the most complex, beautiful forms. flow/er is a visual poem that observes this through a design lens, combining our fascination with organic, raw aesthetic with foreign geometric forms. We observe natural laws take shape in a strange dance of meticulous choreography clashing with violent forces of nature.

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Molejo | KISUCO

TV ad we made to Kisuco (Brazillian kool-aid) together with our friends of AFRICA ad agency. The ad is a music video witha parodie of “brincadeira de criança”, a major hit from the nineties in Brazil. Direção: Alton Direção de arte: Alton e Christo Silveira Coordenação: Vanderlei Santana Atendimento: Caio Fusco e Laura Rocha ALTON FREELANCE CREW Concepts: Christo Silveira Modelagem: Rayza Alvarez e Jean Marcel Look Dev: Victor Hugo

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Ilohas – Nature by Design

Man vs Machine one more time making us smile with how good they are! Simon Holmedal once more as creeative director and was working as Technical Director and did various tasks including Design/R&D, Simulation, Animation, Shading, Lighting and Rendering. Teh guy is indeed the machine not the man! Pun intended! Client: Ogilvy & Mather (Japan) Direction, Design & Animation: ManvsMachine Music: Bo En Sound Design & Mix: Echolab VFX /

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Honda | Dream Makers

Fantastic film, the idea of mixing making of with the concepting phase is really cool. London Wieden & Kennedy’s Creative directors were Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro and directed by James Allen and Michael Skrgatic at Time Based Arts. Music by Jean-Gabriel Becker,performed by Susumu Mukai, George Thomson and Jean-Gabriel Becker from Sounds And Sons studios.

Zombie Studio | Warhammer Cinematic

The only time I remember seeing a Brazilian studio working on a big game cinematic was Seagulls Fly for Diablo III about a decade ago… And they did just part of it, leaving capable Blizzard cinematic team on the heavy lifting 3D work. But now Zombie Studio put Brazil back on the roadmap for great productions such as this one, a realm so hard to enter that a few companies

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Détour — Um filme de Michel Gondry

Shot using iPhone only, the short film titled as Détour made by a Hollywood Director Michel Gondry presents a fun adventure of a Tricycle who lost its family.


Skol, the Brazilian beer brand is changing its positioning regarding to media and the way it is seen by its consumers, and this piece tries to bring a bit more of ethnic inclusion, making a new limited series of Cans using the very broad skin color tones which is so characteristic of Brazil. It is undoubtedly a very bold move, that we often see brands try to conquer and we

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Ghost in the Shell | Ash Thorp Reel

Ash Thorp was into some really interesting projects his whole career, but definitely Ghost in the Shell is one of his highest moments. I have nothing to say other than awesome for this whole film art direction, but his collaboration on this project is something to praise for a really long time. His experimentation and look dev is really impressive. The volume of work is also very overwhelming. His work

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American Gods | Titles Sequence

Elastic did it again, this studio is like the King of the Titles, and Director Patrick Clair is again behind this great visually appealing title sequence. Main Title Sequence by Elastic Directed by Patrick Clair Lead Compositor and Animator: Raoul Marks Composite and Animation: Yongsub Song, Sam Sparks Editor: Devin Mauer Designers: Jeff Han, Felix Soletic, Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton Producer: Paul Makowski Head of Production: Carol Salek Executive Producer:

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COS × Studio Swine | New Spring

Celebrating Salone del Mobile 2017, COS has partnered with London-based design duo Studio Swine to create New Spring, an interactive installation and multisensory experience in Milan’s historic Cinema Arti. All created practically, that means no CGI guys! Impressive and beautiful. Simple and powerful. Photography, lighting and direction is really amazing in this piece. If you are in Milan, please go there and share some videos 😉

Game of Thrones 2017 Teaser

VFX rockstar Josh Clos shares his work on the production os 2017 GOT teaser, lots of impressive skill there. Production company was Bigstar an the team work is amazing. Making of:

Koy Factory | Novo Mundo | Globo

It is looking incredible this new TV Globo soap opera Title Opening, Novo Mundo (New World). It was produced by the talented guys from Koy Factory in Rio de Janeiro. The art direction, story and camera work are incredible, thumbs up for the amazing rendering quality. Director: Luciana Jordão and Leonardo Fleuri Co-Director: Paulo Visgueiro Executive Producer: Luciana Jordão Producer: Laura Costa and Nina Prochaska Art Director: Paulo Visgueiro Concept

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Vika’s Dream

Vika’s Dream is based on a true story , Vika is a your girl that lives in Jakarta, where she faces a lot of problems with the city floods, today she is part of a group from Unicef called the Power for Youth, a group that empowers young people on poor communities to fulfill their dreams. the film is about a dream come true. Developed an imaginative aesthetics that involves

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