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The people from the Canadian Motion Graphics Studio Giant Ant did this amazing project for a Game that unfortunately didn’t go through the final stages and ended up shelved, but they were kind enough to share online what they did and the result is pretty impressive. The trailer is super immersive and explores several worlds, the cameras are so creative that you can feel like you’re inside of this world

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MUSE Main Titles

Amazing titles directed by Fernando Domíngues Cózar and produced by León Studio for the upcoming feature film Muse from director Jaume Balagueró, a thriller based on the novel ” La Dama número 13 ” by José Carlos Somoza. The Dante´s Divide comedy has an strong presence on the “Muse” film since the main character, Samuel, has an special link with literature. The opening titles are based on one of the

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WEEDS: An Inspirational Story

A group of Walt Disney Animation Studios Artists wanted to say something to help create empathy for immigrants and refugees. They felt that if they could make people feel compassion for something as tiny and insignificant as a little dandelion, perhaps they could make people feel more for their fellow human beings.

The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

Supinfocom is one of the most impressive schools of animation out there, their students never fail to deliver outstanding short films, idea, concept, execution, art direction… wow… this film is gorgeous. Co-Directed by : Gaëtan BORDE, Benjamin LEBOURGEOIS, Alexandre VEAUX, Mengjing YANG, Claire VANDERMEERSCH. Original Soundtrack : Valentin LAFORT Voice actor : Andy DUPONT End Title Julien Loth AWARDS : Prix du Public –

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Wolfenstein II

Look at this amazing trailer for upcoming Wolfenstein II! Jaw droping in every aspect…

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

Blizzard never disappoints! Another fantastic WOW game cinematics to the history of one of the best cinematics studios out there, and from the one that started it all! You can’t miss it. I kindda miss the narrator though…

Castle Crush | Cinematic

TFG is a major player in the mobile game business and one of their last games, Castle Crush has just won a promo cinematic short directed by Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque. Client: TFG CO Script: Rodrigo Venkli Executive Producer: Marco Furtado Soundtrack/Sound design: CacoTeixeira Production Company: Pedro Conti Studio and Fernando Peque Director: Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque Producer: Karina Cunha Art & Design Director: Fernando Peque, Pedro Conti

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Goodbye Uncanny Valley

It’s 2017 and computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley, that strange place where things are almost real… but not quite. After decades of innovation, we’re at the point where we can conjure just about anything with software. The battle for photoreal CGI has been won, so the question is… what happens now? CREDITS: Written and animated by Alan Warburton with the support of Tom Pounder and Wieden + Kennedy.

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Growing Up

Beautiful motion design short film telling the childish story of South Korean Hyemin Hailey Lee, a talented young director and motion designer. “Children often say things like, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor / astronaut / movie star”. We thought that we would be able to do anything once we get older. However, if one were to stop and think, we would realize that we are

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Tile | Lost Panda

This is a really well done cute piece of advertising! Well done ALT VFX! CREDITS Client: Tile Chief Marketing Officer: Simon Fleming-Wood Senior Director, Brand and Product Marketing: Bryan Rodrigues Director of Brand Marketing: Andrew Lum Senior Brand Marketing Manger: Veronica Tong Deutsch Credits and Titles: Creative Credits: Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat Executive Creative Director: Guto Araki Creative Director/CW: Eric Manchester Creative Director/AD: Neal Desai Copywriter: Jeb

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OFFF | London Titles 2017

OFFF titles are always awesome, this is no different. FutureDeluxe delivered this amazing titles for the upcoming event. Enjoy! Designed, Directed & Produced by FutureDeluxe Music & Sound Design by Zelig Sound Compositing by Igor Gama Live Action Footage by Davy Evans Character animation by Josef Sima & Jan Bohacek Character texturing & modelling by Felix Wolf

Adam | Mirror | Oats Studios

Neil Bloomkamp, is a VFX artist that make his way to director of big productions such as District 9, Chappie and Elysium. He was impressed with Adam Demo from Unity, and Unity developers asked if he would consider using the engine for any upcoming productions, and here we have his first realtime 3D short fil, telling a bit more of the backstory of Adam. It is the first Chapter and

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Really cool animation done by Alton and a whole crew of talented people! Production: Santa Transmedia Director: Alton (Tiago Marcondes e Felipe Machado) Coordinador: Vanderlei Santana Accounting: Caio Fusco LIVE CREW Images: Koleta Direction assitent: Thaís Cocca Production director: Adriana Omodei Appetite appeal: Clarissa Zapp ALTON CREW Ilustrator: Christo Silveira e André Juventil Model: Rayza Alvarez, jean marcel oliveira Rigging: Vivi Adade Render: Rodrigo Augusto, Flavio Mac Animation: Jonathan Edward,

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Imaginary Friend Society “What is an MRI?” | Roof Studio

This is just one of 20 videos made to help children with cancer to better understand their disease, and help guide them through the various procedures and treatments ahead. Helping them to face their fears in a fun and joyful way. Glad that RPA Advertisement has partnered with many of the top studios around the world to put this great idea together for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and this is

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Under is a short film from Thi Lima, the artist put together an impressive set of archviz material in a very creative way, evoking a lot of feeling in the audience. The photography, even being all 3D is really amazing.


Impressive work from Mathieu Labaye director and animator along with Sébastien Godard. It is a tribute to Benoît Labaye, and a way to see the immobility and handicap as a new way to envision motion.

Heinz | Geoff

This film tells the beautiful story of Geoff and his quest for the perfect Heinz Beans. Directed by Damon Duncan for Assembly. Agency was Y & R NZ. Client Kraft Heinz Australia Executive Producer Amanda Chambers Technical Director Rhys Dippie Character Design Josh Fourt-Wells 3D Artists Geoff Kirk-Smith. Craig Speakman. Alex McLeod. Katie Naeher. Damon Duncan. Rhys Dippie. Marcos Felgueira Godoy. Anastasia Fileva. Patrick Blades. Andrii Kryvuila. Guzz Soares. Alex

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ADAA It’s Not Dead

This distressing amizing little film was directed and produced by Brazilian director Ariel Costa. Founded in 1979, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit organization and a leader in education, training, and research for anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, and related disorders. Direction, Design and Animation: Ariel Costa (BlinkMyBrain), Numecaniq. Concept and Script: Ariel Costa (BlinkMyBrain). Voice Actor: Jim Laird Sound: Combustion


Flow/er is a personal collaboration between Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir. In nature, it is often the simplest rules that lead to forming the most complex, beautiful forms. flow/er is a visual poem that observes this through a design lens, combining our fascination with organic, raw aesthetic with foreign geometric forms. We observe natural laws take shape in a strange dance of meticulous choreography clashing with violent forces of nature.

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Molejo | KISUCO

TV ad we made to Kisuco (Brazillian kool-aid) together with our friends of AFRICA ad agency. The ad is a music video witha parodie of “brincadeira de criança”, a major hit from the nineties in Brazil. Direção: Alton Direção de arte: Alton e Christo Silveira Coordenação: Vanderlei Santana Atendimento: Caio Fusco e Laura Rocha ALTON FREELANCE CREW Concepts: Christo Silveira Modelagem: Rayza Alvarez e Jean Marcel Look Dev: Victor Hugo

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