Neil Bloomkamp, is a VFX artist that make his way to director of big productions such as District 9, Chappie and Elysium. He was impressed with Adam Demo from Unity, and Unity developers asked if he would consider using the engine for any upcoming productions, and here we have his first realtime 3D short fil, telling a bit more of the backstory of Adam. It is the first Chapter and later this year Blomkamp’s and Chris Harvey’s Oats Studios in Vancouver will release the second film, Adam: The Prophet.

“The new Adam films aren’t financed by Unity, but they showcase the power of its engine to render movie-like graphics in real-time. Blomkamp said the game engine saved a lot of production time and other work. Oats Studios used Unity 2017 to build, texture, animate, light, and render the film in Unity during the past five months. Blomkamp said he viewed Unity as a virtual sandbox. Once his team shot a scene in the desert and captured it in photos through photogrammetry, he was able to create a virtual 3D scene in the desert that could be used over and over again for desert film scenes.

The ability to capture and use digital film assets more efficiently could lower the cost of making films, and that matters to an indie film studio like Oats, Blomkamp said. The film runs in real time, thanks to Unity.

“Some of the films are going to be too expensive to shoot as live-action films, and those things can be made with Unity,” Blomkamp said. “I think of the bar in Cheers [the comedy TV show], where you always return to the same place and shoot a new show.”

Adam series of shortfilms are one of the most impressive uses of realtime 3D outside the game business, making the transition to entertainment as well, there are some animation series around the world already, such as Mr. Carton, Morgan lives in a Rocket House and Zafari are just the first examples of what is coming.

Here is the making of:

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